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 (Registered With Singapore Ministry Of Education)

Good news!!! - Now we can teach 3X faster than any traditional abacus mental programs. With the crystallisation of years of research and development, we can now greatly improve your kid's ability to learn with a factor as much as 3.  call +6591281568 to inquire.

UMA Mental Arithmetic as world top mental arithmetic institute was founded by Zhu Shuihua. After years of research and with first-line experience as a teacher, master Zhu gradually found that the legacy system of mental arithmetic is becoming increasingly outdated and limited in its ability to provide students a holistic perspective for the students.

When the students studied the Mental Arithmetic to higher level, they were almost invariably hampered by the difficulties of the level and hence unable to carry on effectively or their arduous work bears little fruits. With all of these problems arising from legacy system, Master Zhu was determined to reinvent the whole system from bottom up. After years of research and teaching experience, Master Zhu developed a comprehensive and systematic philosophy and methodology to remake the mental arithmetic. Master Zhu fully tested the textbooks as per different levels of students psycho-physically, after half years of fanning-out of the new textbooks system, the textbooks have been testified by students as a huge success as more and more students make striding progresses that have never been seen before.

However, master Zhu is not complacent with his achievement and for the sake of students' greater success, so he decided to invent the multimedia abacus to assist students to command skills even more easily. After 3 years of perseverance, he successfully invented the world's first multimedia abacus that boasts the capacity to demo both two-hand and one-hand method . The multimedia abacus is a perfect companion for the students because it is online and ready to answer any questions that perplex the students.  The creation of multimedia abacus will permanent change the world of abacus mental arithmetic for the years to come.

To harness multimedia and further improve student’s interest and performance, Master Zhu also developed online learning programme. The online programme is a good supplementary for the student due to its ubiquitousness. UMA has fully integrated multimedia abacus and online learning programme and the demo of abacus is only a click away.

UMA Mental Arithmetic is an uppermost mental arithmetic institute in terms of its quality and inclusive and comprehensive services for the students. It is our greatest honor and pride to provide your children with world class education.


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